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Ceramic Cup

Who Are We?

We're a church.

Specifically, we are a budding church community, living our lives in and around Higham Hill/Blackhorse Road areas of Walthamstow (E17). We're here to worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit creatively and thoughtfully, allowing one another to be our full and honest selves. We want to be voices, hands and feet for justice, equality, fairness and forgiveness in the places and situations we find ourselves in. We are a community of welcome and embrace and we believe that the message of Jesus breaks down barriers and heals divisions including those of class, ethnicity, gender and orientation. We hope to be a place of learning, listening and empowerment that comes as our response to God’s Spirit in the world.

A church is a relationship. A gathering of people called together in a specific time and place by Jesus. It is a group of people who struggle together to see God’s Kingdom of wholeness, justice and love birthed in our unjust, broken world. It’s a group of people who commit to one another in mutual love, care and respect. It’s a community with no back row, where everyone shares the gifts and blessings that God has filled them with.


A church is a people of joy, laughter, warmth, sorrow, lament, tears, hopes, dreams, frustrations and questions; who try, together, to be family in a world of fractures and divisions. 

We're a family. A family you join (not one you're born into) because you're loved, because you're important, and because Jesus is saving the world and we want in on that action.

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